CONSERVATION AGRICULTURE (CA) aims to produce high crop yields while reducing production costs, maintaining the soil fertility and conserving water. It is a way to achieve sustainable agriculture and improve livelihoods.

Conservation agriculture has three basic principles: Disturb the soil as little as possible, keep the soil covered as much as possible, and Mix and rotate crops.

TDA implementing CA since 2012 Mr. Labiso explained as follows when we interviewed him about conservation agriculture:

My name is Lebiso Labena. I live in Abala Abaya District, Abala Zegre Kebele. I am 50yrs old.
Praise God, now life is good. The reason why I said this is, since I used conservation agriculture, my life changed. The training I took and the skills I developed; the crop root not exposed to direct sunlight, keeping the moisture and protecting from domestic animals.
In the past, I farmed a lot but harvest some. So that starting using conservation agriculture benefited me a lot; I have seen results. I maintained my home, helped me to send my children to school. They scored a respectable result.

Even my neighbors imitate my experience by seeing productivity; sometimes we couldn’t get rain on time for cultivation because of climate change; conservation agriculture is preferable to improve productivity.

Since I had fifteen, ‘am farmer. But the climate is changed Resulted in high fluctuation sometimes it rains early before seeding season, and sometimes it comes lately this is directly affected not only farm productivity, but also it affected land fertility too as the rain fluctuates.
The climate change made our farming so difficult; we are wasting our money, time and energy for no gain. Even some farmers begging for their daily food, vulnerable for hunger because of no production from farmland.

Because of climate change we suffer a lot our agriculture work affected by climate change, children leave their family and migrate to other areas because of hunger, cattle death because of drought caused food scarcity, a decrease in income, no cloth to wear. It affected us in every aspect.
So, it forced us to change the way of farming before instead of wasting all our resources, we came back with bare hand from farming God bless the TDA project that they trained (brought) a conservation agriculture which is not affected by climate change.

Using the training, I am leading a better life now. Our life changed, our children lived with us, our income increased.

We sowed multiple crops in the same place, this increased our productivity and income to send our children to better school, helped us to live in a better house, and changed even our cloth.
Yes, Climate change resulted in a decrease in harvest, which caused a decrease in income. 
As a family, we have suffered; my children have suffered as well they gave up school, migrated to other areas.

God changed our life through conservation agriculture training. By covering, the seeded crop from sun and keep protected from tame animals. In this way, we sowed maize; in the same farm we also sowed other crop types like nut/almond and other leguminous crop family or a crop with wide leaves to protect the soil from the sun by keeping the moisture.

I intended to implement this new farming practice on all my farmland. By using plants that can help us to cover farmland, I believed and seen the benefit of conservation agriculture.
So, I will grow different crops for market and sell them. I want to bless the Tearfund Canada in the name of Jesus Christ.

We subject to lot for a long time without benefit; we plow a lot but no production because of climate change, but they trained us a good farming. God, the creator of universe bless them in all for their support for they brought this vision and trained us, now our lives changed.
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