Terepeza Development Association of Wolaitta Kalehiwot Church (WKHC-TDA) is a local church based non-governmental development organization, formally established in 1987. However, it is to be noted that the holistic development work of the organization has long and concurrent history with the establishment of Wolaitta Kalehiwot Church, which was established in 1928 by SIM and local Missionaries. In those early days, the community development work has been implemented hand in hand with church Spiritual Ministry.

For instance, almost every local church was running primary education using teachers supported by local churches. Other development activities such as health and sanitation, home gardening, supporting the widows, orphans and other vulnerable people in the community were the major activities carried out by the Church.

These informal development activities were formalized when the church opened a separate relief and development department with the main objective of responding to the humanitarian crisis of the early 1980s.


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