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Terepeza Development Association and its partners hosted a national conference on the multiple advantages of GMCC (green manure/cover crop).

More than a hundred high-level government officials, researchers, agricultural professionals from federal and regional farming organizations in Amhara, Benshangul, Oromia, and south Ethiopia, model CA farmers, representatives from partner organizations, and media experts attended the meeting.

The conference took place from November 7th to 9th, 2023, where scholars presented their findings on conservation versus conventional agriculture. A representative from the Ministry of Agriculture and invited agriculture specialists with long-term experience in the sector discussed and presented their research-based experience, particularly the varying value of green manure/cover crops in East Africa.

Participants were divided into five groups and visited Abala Abaya, Boloso Sore, Boloso Bombe, Hobicha, and Humbo. They observed the Terepeza Development Association's effective work in coordinating farmers and stakeholders in introducing modern climate-resilient agricultural practices that help to produce climate-resilient farmers by increasing production and productivity through conservation agriculture.

Finally, based on the research findings and feedback from the field visits, the participants agreed to include conservation agriculture in the existing Farmers Training Centre (FTC) curriculum and to work jointly with GOs and NGOs, researchers, and experts to scale up conservation agriculture and to expand the good results seen in the fields by TDA-trained farmers by adopting climate-smart agriculture.

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