As officially announced before the TDA’s Emergency response project in eight selected kebeles of Abala Abaya District launched on June

21/2022; concerning vulnerable people through providing emergency food support like households who totally or partially lost their crops following the drought, households who fell into a severe food shortage following the crop's failure, female-headed households, widows, old aged, PWDs, orphans, lactating and pregnant women.

Now the second and final round of distribution of the project was done on Friday, 22nd of July; in the two-round emergency response project, a total of 278.79 MT of maize, 27.88 MT of red beans, and 9.29 MT of cooking oil were distributed to 9,293 individuals, and 125 quintals of seed support were also provided for 1000 households in two distribution centers called kolshobo and Abala Faracho.

From the distributed compensation seed in Abala Abaya District, 6,452 people will be expected to benefit from the harvest of compensation seed sow.

All this support has been financed by Tearfund Canada and the Canadian food and grain Bank (CFGB).

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