The Terepeza Development Association's first quarter program review for fiscal year 2024, which had been ongoing for the past two days, is complete.

During the review, managers and coordinators presented their three-month accomplishment reports from January to March for ten projects. Participants' questions were handled, and ideas were made for improving future project implementation performance.

For more than a decade, TDA has worked on numerous projects for the self-help development group. An evaluation report performed by the association's project design, planning, monitoring, evaluation, and learning departments in Boditi, Areka, and Gununo City SHGs was widely debated, and a future direction was set to collaborate with banks directly instead of through microfinance institutes. 

A consultation was held on strategies for expanding SHG businesses based on the results of the evaluation. TDA management addressed future directions for working closely with government and financial sector stakeholders.

Mr. Bereket Tassew, the Executive Director, attended the program review, as did all project managers, coordinators, field experts, and supervisors. In the closing, the Director General forwarded remarks on future activities that should be addressed, and then Mr. Zeleke Zaza, the TDA's head of administration and finance, issued reminders regarding human resources, property, and other administrative matters.

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