As we all know, our current agriculture practice led to long-term soil loss from cultivated land due to excessive tillage that has led to continuous

soil and nutrient loss; conventional tillage also accelerates surface soil erosion as well as soil moisture loss.

To address those challenges, TDA in collaboration with its partners, promotes CA+, which means merging existing Conservation Agriculture with Sustainable Intensification by including improved agronomy, improved varieties, crops, and livestock integration, resource conservation, and economic and social viability.

This newly implemented CASI project (Conservation Agriculture and Sustainable Intensification) intervenes in Wolaita zone two district areas, which are densely populated, where the individual land size is very small and indeed fragmented. 

In addition to the above-mentioned activities, TDA, in collaboration with CIMMYT (International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center), is working on research to evidence crop production improvements via CASI technology in the mentioned project areas.

The project also provided cover crops like cowpea, lablab, and pigeon pea for 1,250 farmers from B.Bombe and Boloso Sore who are practicing conservation agriculture.

The project will be implemented for the coming three consecutive years in partnership with CFGB, FH Ethiopia, The Development Fund, and CIMMYT