TDA SCASI Project (Scaling up Conservation Agriculture-Based Sustainable Intensification) Stakeholder's Forum Established.

The project aimed to improve productivity (increasing yields, gross margins, and increasing income), build a resilient community (reverting deforestation, reducing soil erosion, increasing water availability, improving soil fertility, reducing livestock pressure on grazing land, conserving biodiversity, and mitigation (reduces/removes greenhouse gases)

The Project implemented in Boloso Sore and Boloso Bombe Districts 10 selected rural kebeles; is believed to benefit 3,750 households- (18,750 people) directly and indirectly (30% women; 70% men) for three years.

Throughout the project year, the forum members are called upon to make and participate jointly in review meetings on project progress activities quarterly basis; the review meeting will involve all stakeholder members from thematic working groups.

The objective of making the joint review meeting is to discuss key CASI scale-up issues and pass decisions, arrange field visits to the project areas, share experiences to promote CASI learning based on need, and allocate a budget for the same events.

The forum members were established by professionals from the regional level to kebele level government Agriculture and Natural Resource Development actors, NGOs, and university research and development actors from WSU, AARC, and ATVET.

In the forum, the discussion made on the issues such as members should be clear of timely communication, coordination, and synergy for making decisions and conducting action research like the packaging of CASI technologies, identifying CASI implementation bottlenecks and soliciting solutions, developing agronomic recommendations on the combined use of organic and inorganic fertilizers, etc...

(The entire project budget is financed by NORAD-DFN through CFGB/TFCA)

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