The Tearfund Canada Partners’ Impact & Innovation conference is going on and will continue for a week at Lewi Resort Wolaita Sodo, Ethiopia.

At the conference, ten organizations participated from different countries around the world (EKHCDC from Ethiopia, FADHILI from Kenya, ACDF from South Sudan, EFICOR from India, DCT from Tanzania, CBCA from Central Africa (Democratic Republic of Congo), TDA from Ethiopia, Loko Koa from Canada (Canada First Nation), CFGB from Canada, and Tearfund Canada from Canada). Thank you, Tearfund Canada!

The goal of the conference is to provide a weeklong experience for two leaders from each of the 10 excellent relief and development organizations that Tearfund Canada partners with to learn and grow together. Participants will listen to and learn from each other about best practices in multiple modalities of community development.

To provide a learning and training experience for organizational leadership participants to improve and enhance:

  • Biblical foundations for ministry through community development
  • Best practices and methodologies for achieving long-term community impact and transformation
  • Integrating programming methodologies—Church-based Community Transformation,
  • conservation agriculture, animal husbandry, kitchen gardens, savings groups, job creation,
  • Creation care and nature-based solutions, women's and gender equality, and community resilience are all priorities.
  • Discover new opportunities based on other organizations' expertise.
  • Increase your program’s SSROI—Social & Spiritual Return on Investment.
  • New areas of collaboration and coordination between partners
  • Raising funds for programs in your own region or country

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